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Our services are a great way to make your residential or commercial building look beautiful and inviting, and we can help you achieve the perfect paint finish to add charm and sophistication to your property.

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When it comes to finding exterior painters Little Rock AR homeowners can trust, it can be hard to know where to start. At Roofing Maya’s Life Restoration, we always consider the customer’s needs, but first and foremost is safety. Our professional painters always use the proper equipment when working on ladders or scaffolding, and we also remain aware of our surroundings for any potential hazards that could cause an accident. Secondly, preparation is key because even if you have the highest quality paint available, it won’t be worth anything if the surface isn’t properly prepped. This means sanding down any uneven surfaces or old peeling paint, washing off dirt and debris with a power washer, and removing any mildew or mold growth prior to painting.




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As the quality exterior painters Little Rock AR¬†folks speak highly of, we always pay attention to detail because we understand that when painting the exterior of a building, it is essential to be precise and consistent with one’s work. This is especially true when working around windows and other trim pieces, which is why we take extra time to ensure that these areas are perfect, which makes all the difference in how they look after the job is complete. Finally, having an eye for detail also means being aware of the type of paint used. Different paints have different properties, and depending on the surface or climate one is working with, certain kinds may be more suitable than others.¬†

An aesthetically pleasing, well-maintained property is sure to increase its market value. Investing in property improvements, like the exterior painting Little Rock AR homeowners are getting, can help you get recognition from potential renters and may even be a deciding factor when it comes time to negotiate. At Roofing Maya’s Life Restoration, we offer high-quality exterior painting services, and our team of experienced professionals will provide you with a beautiful paint job at an affordable price, ensuring your satisfaction throughout the entire process. Contact us today for more information or to get started on your project!

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